A plentiful bar

Come with your friends, family or your significant other to share, taste, discuss, meet and experience a convivial moment, in all its simplicity. Discover, or even rediscover, our local beverages.

We offer a large selection of wines, mostly from local suppliers. However, you can also taste wines from other French territories or even other countries.

Have a taste of any of our sweet or strong red wines, as well as our fruity or dry white wines. And don't forget a little bottle of bubbly !

Let yourself be tempted by a variety of juices, syrups, beers and spririts carefully selected by us … always with the aim of satisfying your taste buds.

In order to fully appreciate and enjoy this large selection of carefully chosen beverages, we suggest pairing your drink of choice with one of our cheese and charcuterie boards.

A welcoming and friendly ambience

Whether you wish to enjoy a hearty meal or just have a taste of our food, you will find something to love here Au Comptoir des Colettes.

You will discover a cozy and relaxed ambience, accompanied by a convivial music selection, making your experience perfect.

You will find this relaxed ambiance not only in the restaurant, but in our food as well.

Flavorful cuisine

Inspired by french cuisine, we hold the highest standards in the freshness and generosity of our food. A subtle combination of tradition and modernity sets the tone here Au Comptoir des Colettes.

Nicolas creates his dishes according to his mood and what is in season. Nicolas believes that excellence in food starts from the beginning, which is why he is constantly searching for new products and suppliers.

« I have always said it and I will repeat it until the end – without good products, there is no good cuisine. » - Jean-Luc BOULAY

A passionate team

Elodie vous accueille
Having originally studied architecture, Élo worked passionately as an architect for 13 years, treating each project that came her way as a challenge. These very projects made her want to discover more, which is why today she is accompanying Nicolas in chasing his dreams.
Elodie will not only welcome you to the hotel, but will also assure that you have the perfect dining experience. She always put her heart and soul into all she does.

Nicolas vous régale
After obtaining a professional cooking diploma from hospitality school, Nico decided to continue building his culinary knowledge through seasonal work. Most remarkably, he worked alongside Chef Christophe Cote at Fermes de Marie in Megève. With this experience under his belt, he continued to expand his knowledge by working in various traditional and fine-dining restaurants, all in the hopes of one day opening his own.
After 14 years cooking, 5 of which as an executive chef in a luxury facility, he decided to finally fulfill his dream.
His passion and desire to share and sublimate the best seasonal products - these are the essential ingredients that allow him to satisfy your taste buds.