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An idyllic place to take a break and feel revitalized

Escape the noisy and stressfull city and come enjoy the peace and quiet of the Colettes Forest.
A stay here Au Comptoir des Colettes will completely submerge you in the silence, charm and calm of the forest.

Choose among the three rooms offered here Au Comptoir des Colettes and enjoy your stay in the tranquil countryside. While each room is furnished in a different style, we prioritize comfort in selecting our furniture and décor. All rooms have TV, Wi-Fi, and a private bathroom equipped with a shower.

Enjoy fresh and local products during breakfast. While breakfast is served in a dining area, it can also be eaten on the patio during the summer season.
Delight in the warm and comforting ambiance of our hotel, and feel right at home.
Take advantage of the peace and tranquility of the forest during your stay here. Listen to the birds sing and witness the rabbits hopping around !

Sweet dreams !